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Vein Treatments in Ypsilanti, MI

Every year, more than three million men and women across the country are diagnosed with varicose veins. This common medical issue is merely cosmetic for some. However, varicose veins are a symptom of vein disease. Many sufferers live with symptoms like fatigue, swelling, achiness, and leg cramps.

We’re here with good news: the discomfort caused by vein disease can be a thing of the past. At our comforting vein clinic in Ypsilanti, we specialize in relieving your painful symptoms.

Our doctors will listen to your concerns and will explain the leading-edge varicose vein treatments available. Typically, our in-office treatments can take as few as 15 minutes to complete!

Minimally-Invasive Vein Treatments in Ypsilanti

There’s no need to stress. Our friendly, knowledgeable vein specialists will make you feel welcome. Our doctors use advanced ultrasound technology to help them locate diseased veins. From there, our vein specialists will discuss the best treatment methods available for your condition.

Our low-risk, non-surgical procedures typically have short recovery periods. You could be back to having fun at Riverside Park in no time!

The following non-surgical, office-based treatments are available in our Ypsilanti clinic:

Our customer-rated #1 doctors have brought relief to thousands of patients since 2005. As America’s #1 Vein Treatment Experts, you can expect professional care and advice from your first visit to recovery.

Looking for a Vein Treatment Specialist in Ypsilanti?

Our highly-rated Ypsilanti vein specialists are ready to get you back to feeling better. They’ll create a personalized care plan that can get you the relief you need.

How to Get to Our Ypsilanti Vein Clinic

You’ll find the Ypsilanti clinic on 3145 Clark Road, in Unit #104. We’re near Golfside Road.

Nearby Cities We Serve:

  • Ann Arbor
  • Canton
  • Romulus
  • Livonia
  • Novi

Vein Clinic Near Ann Arbor: From Ann Arbor, you can take Geddes Avenue for 5.6 miles and arrive in about 15 minutes.

Vein Clinic Near Canton: We’re about 20 minutes from Canton when you take Geddes Road for 11.8 miles.

Vein Clinic Near Romulus: Our clinic is about 23 minutes away when you take I-94 West for 18.5 miles.

Vein Clinic Near Livonia: When you’re coming from Livonia, you can take M-14 West for 25.6 mile. You’ll reach our clinic in about half an hour.

Vein Clinic Near Novi: Novi is about 28 minutes away when you take I-96 East and M-14 West for 29 miles.

Book Your Vein Treatment in Ypsilanti

Would you like to learn more about our non-surgical varicose vein treatments? Call us! We’d be happy to hear about your concerns, and we’ll talk you through potential treatments, insurance, and much more. Call us anytime at (734) 547-6964 or make an appointment online.

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