Varicose Vein Treatment

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Varicose Vein Treatment

Are painful, unsightly varicose veins holding you back from living your best life? At USA Vein Clinics, we are the experts on how to treat varicose veins and resolve any related health symptoms. We also understand the desire to improve their appearance. Treating the root cause –– your vein disease –– is important to reduce the occurrence or worsening of these bulging, twisted veins. Depending on your unique situation, our vein specialists will determine what varicose vein treatment is right for you.

Varicose Vein Treatment Exam

Common varicose vein symptoms

  • Heavy Legs: Many patients report that one of their symptoms is heavy legs, or a sensation of weights on the ankles. 
  • Swelling: You may notice swelling in the legs, ankles, or feet. Some individuals with varicose veins notice their shoes are feeling tighter or legs appear swollen.
  • Itching and Burning: Sometimes, varicose vein itching is mistaken for dry skin. However, If it’s near your visible veins, it could be linked to vein disease, or venous insufficiency.
  • Pain Relief When Legs are Elevated: Pain in the legs that tends to subside when you elevate them can indicate venous insufficiency.

Our Varicose Vein Treatments

If you’ve been avoiding treatment for varicose veins in legs because you fear surgery, we have good news. At USA Vein Clinics, we specialize in minimally invasive, FDA-approved treatments. Our procedures are performed under local anesthesia right in our clinics. You can go home the same day.

We recommend seeking treatment sooner rather than later. This is because varicose vein symptoms tend to worsen over time. When left untreated, you may also be at greater risk for developing blood clots and venous ulcers. These are both potentially dangerous health conditions.

Your nonsurgical varicose vein treatment options may include:


EVLT is a varicose vein procedure has been used for over a decade and is a great way to treat venous insufficiency. This laser treatment for varicose veins treatment involves a very thin laser fiber that is inserted into the diseased vein(s) using a real-time ultrasound for guidance. Your doctor will then use laser energy to heat and close the malfunctioning veins. The surrounding healthy veins will take over the normal blood flow immediately and the treated vein will eventually be absorbed by your body. EVLT usually takes around 15 minutes from the start to finish and you should be able to resume your daily activities immediately after your treatment.


Our Varithena treatment is a foam treatment for varicose veins used to treat vein conditions associated with the great saphenous vein (GSV) and the surrounding veins. This varicose vein procedure also uses an ultrasound to guide a small needle or catheter into the vein and allows the Varithena foam treatment to be injected into the vein. The Varithena foam will cause the vein to collapse and the blood flow to be directed to your other healthy veins.


Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy utilizes live ultrasound technology to treat varicose veins near the skin’s surface. Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy is a minimally-invasive technique designed to close malfunctioning varicose veins so they eventually can be reabsorbed into the body. During this treatment, a specialist will use an ultrasound to locate the diseased vein and injection site. Results should be relatively immediate as the solution is injected directly into the affected vein.


ClariVein ®, also referred to as mechanochemical ablation, is a technique used in treating venous insufficiency, including varicose or spider veins, without the use of laser energy. It is a catheter-based treatment that simultaneously uses mechanical and chemical methods to treat the damaged area. What makes the ClariVein ® treatment unique is the fact that they use a catheter with a rotating tip at one end. After a ClariVein ® treatment, patients are able to immediately return to normal activities.


The VenaSeal™ closure system provides immediate vein closure, which allows for quick relief from painful and uncomfortable symptoms. A small amount of specially-formulated medical adhesive is delivered to the affected vein through a small catheter – the adhesive aims to seal, or close, the diseased vein. Once the affected vein is sealed off, blood flow is rerouted to nearby, healthy veins, and symptoms begin to improve.

The VenaSeal™ treatment allows for a quick recovery time. This FDA-approved offers a minimally-invasive vein treatment that is performed as a simple outpatient procedure. Following the procedure, a simple bandage is placed over the insertion site. VenaSeal™ allows patients a rapid return to normal daily activities.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Varicose Vein Procedures

Minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments enhance the vein care experience for medical professionals and their patients. The benefits of choosing one of these varicose vein procedures include:

Convenience: Varicose vein treatment takes less than 15-30 minutes to perform in most cases. When you receive this treatment, you’ll visit for an outpatient appointment and go home after the treatment.


Low risk: According to research, non-surgical varicose vein treatment has a high success rate. Since your doctor can put the least stress on your body possible during treatment, you’ll have a high chance of a successful recovery.


Fast recovery: After you receive varicose vein treatment, you can go back to light, everyday activities. Patients are able to drive themselves home or return to work immediately following their visit. Some prefer to bring along a driver and take it easy the rest of the day.

Self Exam for Varicose Vein Treatment

What to Expect During Your Varicose Vein Treatment

Before Your Varicose Vein Treatment

Inform your vein specialist about any health conditions you have or any medications you’re taking. Your doctor may ask you to stop taking aspirin, blood thinners, or other anticoagulant medications a few days before the procedure. Patients also are advised to wear loose-fitting clothing on the day of the procedure.

During Your Procedure

Minimally-invasive treatments for varicose veins are performed in a comfortable outpatient setting using a local anesthetic. Once your leg is cleaned and numbed, the problematic veins are treated. Depending on the type of treatment administered, your doctor will insert a catheter or small needle into the target veins. Once medication is injected, you may feel a mild stinging or burning sensation as it moves through the vein.

After Your Varicose Vein Treatment

After the procedure, your treated legs may be bandaged to control bleeding and swelling. Some discharge from the treated area is normal. You can resume light, daily activities as soon as you’re discharged, but avoid strenuous exercise and any heavy lifting for at least a week. Patients should take some precautions to ensure complete recovery. Your doctor may ask you to wear compression stockings for a certain period of time. You should also avoid soaking in bathtubs, hot tubs, and pools for a few days following the procedure.

Most people who undergo varicose vein treatment see an improvement in their symptoms. For some, the resulting relief from leg pain and other issues is immediate.

You can look forward to:

  • Reduced pain and discomfort: If you are constantly experiencing pain or discomfort from your varicose veins, treatment can provide significant relief.
  • A feeling of lighter legs: For anyone who has the feeling of heavy weights around their ankles, vein treatment can alleviate this sensation.
  • Reduced swelling: If your legs, ankles, or feet are swollen due to vein disease, treatment can bring them back to normal size.
  • Relief of itching and burning: Are you tired of scratching your legs? Treating this symptom at its source will help.
  • No need to elevate your legs throughout the day: Once your vein disease is addressed, you will no longer need to constantly put your feet and legs up.

Varicose Vein Treatment Starts with An Exam

If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort from varicose veins, USA Vein Clinics can help. During your initial visit, one of our experienced vein specialists will take a detailed medical history and provide a comprehensive consultation to determine the cause of your vein problems. The doctor will work with you to create a personalized care plan that meets your unique needs and vein condition. This will be based in part on a physical exam that may include ultrasound imaging.

Our treatments provide many benefits that your vein specialist will explain to you during your consultation, including high success rates and fast recovery times.

Affordable Varicose Vein Treatment Cost

At USA Vein Clinics, we are committed to offering affordable vein care that is accessible to patients nationwide. Our treatments are covered by most major insurance plans, Medicare, and some Medicaid plans. Rest assured, our staff can help you determine your insurance coverage. You also can quickly verify your coverage online by using our scheduling tool.

Find a Clinic Near You

Scheduling an initial consultation at one of our vein clinic locations is quick and easy. We have locations across the US that will allow you to fit vein treatment into your busy life. Plus, with 90 clinics in 14 states, it is easy to find a location near you. If you’re not sure whether your symptoms are due to varicose veins, we can make an accurate medical diagnosis. If you’ve already been diagnosed, we encourage you to schedule a visit with us as soon as possible. We are available to help get you back to doing what you love.

If you are concerned about your personal health and safety, we certainly understand. We also offer the opportunity to conduct your appointment through telemedicine. Contact us at 888.768.3467 to learn more.

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