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Ongoing Care After Vein Treatment

We want you to have the best possible recovery after treatment. Here are the after-care instructions to follow after you leave our clinic.

Bandage and Compression Stocking Instructions

  1. Your legs will be wrapped in compression bandages after the treatment, that may be left on until your follow-up visit.

  2. If you remove the bandages at home, do so carefully before bedtime.

  3. Compression stockings should be worn continuously during and for 1 month after your treatment. The compression stockings should be worn during the day and taken off before you go to sleep.

Mild to Moderate Pain Relief Management

  1. Arnicare Gel or Cream can be applied to your leg to decrease discomfort.

  2. Over-the-counter analgesics (Advil, Motrin, or Ibuprofen) are recommended for 7 days following your treatment.

Returning to Physical Activity

  1. Resume your daily activities immediately.

  2. Walking for 10-15 minutes every 2 hours is recommended.

  3. Exercise can be resumed, but avoid strenuous activities or heavy lifting (over 15 pounds) for 2 weeks.

Additional Care Information

  1. Pink or clear fluid (anesthetic fluid mixed with blood) may appear on your bandages during the healing process.

  2. Normal discomfort of your legs may occur in the form of redness, swelling, bruising, tender to the touch, or tightening.

  3. If your bandages are too tight, they may be cut at the top to relieve pressure.

  4. Please contact our office if you experience any changes or increase in pain that is not discussed above.

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