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Tell a Friend about USA Vein Clinics

Share your experience with friends, family, and co-workers, and each of you will receive a $10 gift certificate after your referred friend’s completed first visit! To claim your reward, simply fill out the form with your details and friend’s details. Emails must be valid to qualify. Our team will reach out to them directly to get them scheduled and answer any questions.  Don’t miss out! If you prefer to call to submit, please call 855-480-1717.

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    How does the Refer a Friend Program work?

    Our Refer a Friend Program allows existing patients to refer friends, family members, or employees to our clinic and earn an incentive. When your referred friend completes a qualifying service, both you and your referral become eligible for a $10 gift card reward.

    How can I refer a friend?

    Enroll in the program under, enter the required fields in the form with your information and your referrals information. Once you have entered all the required information and read the terms and conditions, your referred patient will receive a call from our call center to get them scheduled and further instructions. Share the link via email or with your social accounts to share with your friends and family!

    Can I refer multiple friends?

    Yes, however, you can not refer more than 6 total friends within 1 calendar year. Each successful referral makes you eligible for a reward.

    Does my friend have to have insurance?

    We pride ourselves in providing vein care that is affordable and accessible across the country in accredited, outpatient vein care centers. We collaborate closely with insurance providers, accepting alternative payment methods like CareCredit, and incorporating low-cost yet highly effective treatments.

    Can my friend schedule online?

    Absolutely! We can provide you a link to give to your friend to be able to self schedule 24/7!


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