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Outstanding experience!


Northbrook, Illinois
Review received on: May 05, 2022
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USA Vein Clinics were outstanding. The procedures were easy to get through and very tolerable. The results are amazing. I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been recommending friends and family to this clinic.

Able to Sleep Better

Review received on: October 21, 2018
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I came to the clinic mostly because I was embarrassed of the way my legs looked. I did have throbbing, pain, burning sensation, and I couldn’t walk or stand for any length of period. But you kinda get used to pain, now that I had the procedure I feel 100% better. I am able to sleep without discomfort and I don’t have any of the symptoms I had before. And also my legs look so much better, I’m not embarrassed anymore.

This Is The Place to Visit

Review received on: October 10, 2018
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I always wear pants, hiding my legs, as long as I remember 40 years back, I always wear pants. Many times I wanted to wear a skirt, but I remember my mother told me never go for surgery because she went for surgery and it was so painful…Sometimes I had pain and my legs became huge and sometimes I scratched them…[other times] they were hot. Recently I met a friend she had a procedure for varicose veins and I listened and she told me about this place…she gave me the name of the doctor and I came here. I was surprised and it wasn’t as painful as my mother told me…I couldn’t be happier during the summer, at my age to wear a skirt, 40 years ago I couldn’t wear it, it is truly a miracle. You couldn’t ask for better treatment…everybody who has this problem with their veins, this is the place to visit.

Very Satisfied

Review received on: April 24, 2017
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Before I had pain, on the back of my legs I had pretty big varicose veins and heaviness because I was standing all day, so I came to the [clinic]. Every year I come in for checkups and now I feel pretty good… I’m very satisfied.

Covered By My Insurance

Review received on: March 21, 2017
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Nothing seemed to work for me until I went to USA Vein Clinics.  The procedure was quick, painless, and best of all, covered by my insurance. I was really happy with the results. If you’re suffering, you’ve really got nothing to lose besides the unsightly look and pain of varicose veins.

Quick Procedure

Review received on: March 12, 2017
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Being on the retail floor and working while I’m pregnant meant a lot of long hours on my feet…The problems existed and you could kind of feel like the blood trickling down the back of your leg, not a good feeling…The symptoms continued to increase and I would feel heat in my right leg often…I heard about USA Vein Clinics when I had a procedure done on my foot and he recommended [the clinic]…The doctor let me know he was done with procedure and I literally thought we had just finished the anesthesia; that’s how good it was.

Avoided Walking

Review received on: January 14, 2016
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It started with neuropathy and I am a diabetic, all that played a role into it…I couldn’t stand the pain anymore, I felt like I had rocks tied to my legs they were so heavy. I didn’t even want to walk. Now, I feel much better and the pain has gone away.

No More Swollen Legs

Review received on: January 11, 2016
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“I would recommend USA Vein Clinics first of all for their efficiency…I didn’t know where to go, it was another doctor that suggested [this clinic] and my legs were so swollen I couldn’t get shoes on… I came here and they got them down to where I can actually wear boots. They know their stuff, they really do.”

No More Burning or Itching


Review received on: April 02, 2019

Before: I had a lot of pain, burning and heaviness. It felt like my veins were bursting. I was a bit frustrated as I could not do anything or go anywhere. I had a lot of itching and my legs looked really bad.

Now: I am really happy now after the treatment. I no longer have pain and feel very relieved. I don’t have the burning and itching and I feel and look much better. Thank you!

Can Finally Run Now


Review received on: April 02, 2019

Before: Tingling at the ankles and there was heaviness at the bottom of my foot.

Now: Feels great. I am almost ready to try running!

The Pain Has Gone Away


Review received on: April 02, 2019

Before: I had a lot of pain and swelling in my right leg. It felt really uncomfortable walking around.

Now: My legs appear a lot better and the pain has gone away. Very happy with the results afterward. Dr. Yan and his assistants were very good on helping me get back on track and I thank them all for it.

Healing Went Well


Review received on: April 02, 2019

I want to thank you for your treatments of my varicose veins. I first came to you last year in June and we finished treatment in February of this year. I am so pleased after healing for the past few months. I was on vacation in a hot climate this past April on a beach and normally veins protrude even more in hot weather. I was a pleasure to see my legs looking good.

Thanks for your good care and professionalism.

Never Felt Rushed


Review received on: April 17, 2017

Clean office and professional staff. Dr. Hurst was amazing. He made me feel so comfortable and took his time to explain everything to me in detail. Did not feel rushed at all. I would highly recommend. Thanks!

Wonderful Staff


Review received on: March 10, 2017

This clinic has a set of wonderful staff, all very professional with sweet, soft, and caring spirits. They strive to make you as comfortable as possible. Always pleasant with great attitude, it is a joy to go to this clinic. Dr. Sachin Sheth is outstanding! He is so soft, with a sweet sweet personality, not in a rush to move on to the next client. You can tell he loves veins and enjoys his work, and is very knowledgeable. He explains step by step the procedure as he works on the veins. During one procedure I saw an ugly 20 year old vein literally disappeared. WOW! I give him A+. I have been around many doctors in the past, so I know them.

The treatment/procedure may not be suitable for every patient. All patients must be evaluated by a physician as to the appropriateness of the treatment/procedure. The testimonials represent the individual’s response and reaction to the treatment/procedure; however, no medical treatment/procedure is risk-free. Associated potential risks and complications should be discussed with the physician rendering the treatment/ procedure. Individual experiences may vary.
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