Forrest Rubenstein, M.D.

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  • University of South Alabama College of Medicine


  • Brookdale University Medical Center


  • Tulane University School Of Medicine,
  • Harvard / Boston Children’s Hospital
  • The University Of Texas Medical Center in Houston


  • Thoracic, Cardiovascular, and Vascular Surgery


About Forrest Rubenstein, M.D.

Forrest Rubenstein, M.D. is a thoracic, vascular  and cardiovascular surgeon who has been in practice treating arterial and venous disease for over 35 years. He  received his medical degree from University of South Alabama College of Medicine where he graduated as an Alpha Omega Alpha Merit Scholar and  did his residency and fellowship training at Brookdale University Medical Center,  Tulane University School of Medicine, Harvard / Boston Children’s Hospital  and the University of Texas Medical Center in Houston.

Dr. Forrest provides a full range of Vascular Surgery procedures including Phlebology and Arterial Endovascular Surgery. He is certified in surgery by the American College of Surgeons and in thoracic surgery by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Dr. Rubenstein has authored several publications on cardiovascular procedures and has served as an instructor for advanced Trauma, Cardiac, and Pediatric Life Support.

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