Chaim I. Fishfeld, DO, FACOS

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Brooklyn College of The City University of New York, Brooklyn, NY., B.A.


New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Old Westbury, NY., D.O.

Peninsula Hospital Center, General Surgery


Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (FACOS)

Board Certified in General Surgery by the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery

Certified in Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)

Certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Certified in Basic Life Support (BLS)


American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (ACOS)

American Osteopathic Association (AOA)

New York State Osteopathic Medical Society (NYSOMS)


About Chaim I. Fishfeld, DO, FACOS

Chaim I. Fishfeld, DO, FACOS

Chaim I. Fishfeld, DO, FACOS, is a surgeon with over 14 years of experience. Dr. Fishfeld received his medical degree from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his surgical residency at Peninsula Hospital Center in Far Rockaway, NY. He specializes in minimally invasive vein treatments and in abdominal surgery including stomach, gallbladder, appendix, colon, small intestine, and abdominal wall hernias. Dr. Fishfeld also has experience in laparoscopic and open, inguinal (groin), incisional, ventral, and umbilical hernias repairs. In addition, Dr. Fishfeld has experience in trauma and wound care. He brings his vast knowledge of various surgical procedures to providing quality care to his patients.

Our Vein Specialist Doctor Commitment to You

USA Vein Clinics will help you relieve your symptoms of vein disease without undergoing surgery. Our vein doctors will support you from the moment you make your first appointment with us until you are fully recovered. Every patient has a unique condition, which is why our treatment plans are customized and tailored to each individual. Our goal is to provide you with excellent treatment throughout your treatment. Our CORE values and our commitment to you are as follows:

Our Core Values: I.C.A.R.E

You may feel like you have no hope when you have vein disease, but you can find relief at USA Vein Clinics. We can eliminate your symptoms, improve your quality of life, and you can enjoy life again with our minimally invasive treatments. We strive to live up to our core values as a team of vein doctor specialists.

Find a Dr. that Specializes in Veins

Vein treatments can be complicated, and without proper medical training and education, it may be hard for a regular doctor to know how to properly treat varicose veins and spider veins. Additionally, a vein doctor utilizing advanced technologies while being on top of the latest trends in vein treatments will give patients peace-of-mind.


Our Vein Treatment Centers offer advanced imaging technology, and the doctors should be on top of the most up-to-date procedures to treat vein disease with minimally invasive treatments.
As a leg and vein doctor at USA Vein Clinics, they specialize in minimally invasive treatments like Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT), ClariVein® Treatment, Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy, Varithena Vein Treatment, and VenaSeal™ Treatment. Because of advances in vein treatment procedures, you shouldn’t need to be treated in a surgical room with anesthesia and post-op recovery.


Before considering any vein treatment, be sure the doctors are board-certified. Each of our vein specialists is board-certified and has received additional education and training in vein treatment.

The Best Doctor for Veins and Vein Treatment

You may be experiencing problems with your veins and have started your search online for “vein doctor near me,” “varicose vein doctors near me,” “best vein specialist near me,” or “best vein doctors near me.” At USA Vein Clinics and we are happy you found us as we have vein treatment centers across the nation with over 100 locations to serve our patients. Our board-certified and highly trained vein specialists treat varicose veins, spider veins, and other vein disease symptoms that you may be experiencing. Our nationwide specialist for veins will customize the best treatment that is right for you. Using minimally invasive treatments, we can safely and effectively treat your veins.

Doctors, like Chaim I. Fishfeld, DO, FACOS, who specializes in veins at USA Vein Clinics will provide compassionate, personalized, and expert care. All of our patients across the country receive the most cutting-edge care close to home. USA Vein Clinics is a trusted name for vein specialists, and we will be able to help you eliminate varicose and spider veins and their painful symptoms allowing you to live your life without the limitations of vein disease.

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