What to Expect After Varicose Vein Surgery

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Embarking on the journey of varicose vein treatment marks a significant step towards improved vascular health and enhanced well-being. Whether you’ve undergone minimally invasive procedures like endovenous laser therapy or traditional methods such as vein stripping, the post-treatment period is crucial for optimal recovery. As the targeted veins undergo transformation and the circulatory system adjusts, individuals can anticipate a range of experiences, from relief of symptoms like pain and swelling to the gradual disappearance of unsightly veins.

Understanding what to expect after varicose vein treatment involves recognizing the potential for temporary side effects, adhering to prescribed recovery measures, and appreciating the positive changes that will unfold over time. This period serves as the bridge between intervention and a revitalized, vein-free future, where improved blood circulation contributes to an overall sense of health and vitality.

Treating your veins has the potential to be life-changing. It can make your life much more comfortable and enjoyable thanks to your veins finally being able to do their proper job. Not to mention vein treatment has the potential to save your life.

One of the scary facts about varicose veins is that, if left untreated, they have the potential to develop into a life-threatening condition.

The preparation for your varicose vein treatment as well as the actual treatment itself should go smoothly. Your doctor will walk you through how to get ready for the treatment, what you can expect, and what will happen during the actual procedure.

USA Vein Clinics practices a minimally-invasive approach to vein issues, so you don’t have to worry about checking into a hospital and undergoing surgery. Rather, the vein treatments at our clinics are outpatient ones that typically take less than an hour to complete and make understanding what to expect after varicose vein surgery easier to comprehend.


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Your doctor has made you feel at ease about your treatment, but you may be wondering what will happen post-treatment. That is a question we get often at USA Vein Clinics, so today, we are here to answer it.

What to expect after varicose vein surgery

Day of vein treatment

You will likely experience some pain and bruising in the area your veins were treated, however, the pain is usually minimal. Depending on your health, your doctor may suggest you take ibuprofen or Tylenol if the pain gets to be too much.

You should be able to go back to your normal activities without issue. However, we recommend you don’t overdo it with the activity for the 48 hours following your procedure and, depending on the procedure, your doctor may ask you to hold off on working out for now.

Also, stay away from baths and pools of water for at least a week following your procedure. This ensures that no infections occur.

One week after vein treatment

From seven to ten days following treatment, you should be able to resume your normal exercise routine which may include things such as cycling or walking. However, it’s a good idea to stay away from lifting anything above 20 pounds for a bit longer, as that can put undue strain on your veins. Also, running is not worth risking at this point — your body needs more time to heal. Keeping pressure and force off of your veins in all ways is important.

That being said, we do encourage you to be active and use your calf/leg muscles. The more you are moving around and using your legs, the better they tend to feel. Walking is a great way to build up your strength without the potential for harm.

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At this point, you will likely still have bruising and may still be experiencing pain. As long as the pain is manageable, do not worry. However, if it gets out of hand, then contact your doctor.

You may also feel tightness or a pulling sensation where your damaged vein was, especially when bending or stretching your leg. As the broken veins close down, which is what we want, they also shrink down and shorten, which creates the tightness/pulling sensation you feel. You can expect this to last for up to four weeks.

Along with bruising, you’ll find swelling and inflammation, so don’t worry if you see that the areas that were treated are red and feel warm.

Compression socks will help with your issues after treatment, so wear them regularly.

One month after vein treatment

Your doctor may have scheduled a follow-up for around this time to make sure your recovery is on track and everything is going as planned. Treating veins correctly and effectively is a process and not a one-time event. Most vein issues require more than one treatment, so be prepared that may be the case for you. The one-month appointment is when your doctor will determine if the treated veins have closed and if any other veins are showing new abnormalities and require treatment.

Expect to still see some swelling, and still have a tight feeling in your treated area, but neither of these should be as strong as they were a week after treatment.

You should be able to do some working out, but be sure to check with your doctor specifically what is safe for you, because each patient is different.

Six months after vein treatment

At this point, most of the above post-treatment symptoms should be gone. There may still be a bit of bruising and swelling, but if there is anything more, be sure to contact your doctor. Around the six-month mark is when you will start seeing the great results of your vein treatment.

Explore these testimonials of real patients who have received varicose vein treatment at USA Vein Clinics.

With a better understanding of vein treatment, your procedure and the time after should go smoothly. Thanks to the technology at USA Vein Clinics, vein treatment is a much easier and less painful experience than it was ten years ago. Any questions you have along the way, USA Vein Clinics is here to help you.

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