Vein Treatment After a Weight Loss Transformation

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I Thought My Weight Caused My Leg Pain

There are a lot of great reasons to lose weight. The top reasons that many people want to lose weight are to deal with specific health issues, improve their self-image, live longer, and increase their chances of getting pregnant. No matter why you started your weight loss transformation, you followed through when so many haven’t, congratulations.

You’ve worked so hard to lose the weight, whether through a weight loss surgery like gastric bypass, with the help of medical professionals at a weight loss clinic, or on your own. Many things in your life are different now, like how well you sleep, even your allergies have improved. Yet your legs are still bothering you. You may have thought that losing weight would make walking more comfortable, but your legs still feel tired and heavy. Are they aching because of your time at the gym, or is it something else?

Most likely, you are experiencing the effects of vein disease. While losing weight can help prevent venous conditions, it can also reveal existing conditions that your weight was concealing.

    Do you wear pants or skirts to cover your bulging, discolored veins?


    Is your sleep interrupted by restless legs or discomfort?


    Have you experienced itching or burning?


    Have your feet become too swollen to wear your boots or shoes comfortably?


    Do you avoid activities that involve standing for long periods of time?


    Tell us a little bit about yourself and we can help find the best treatment option for you.

    What Vein Disease Looks and Feels Like

    Like all transformations, not everything has changed for the better. The before and after weight loss realities can be difficult. Many people experience loose skin after weight loss or have lost their face’s plumpness, making their wrinkles more obvious. Some people even get gall stones as their body struggles to process cholesterol. Like the wrinkles on your face, losing the weight has also revealed something that was hidden before – vein disease. Suddenly you can see varicose and spider veins that you didn’t know you had.

    But spider veins are a cosmetic issue, right? Spider veins can be the outward appearance of a serious internal issue. Immediately taking care of your spider veins can prevent further vein issues like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or vein ulcers from ever happening.

    Vein disease comparison

    If you see varicose veins, that means that your body is having trouble pumping blood in the correct direction, which is why your legs are swollen and heavy despite all the weight you’ve lost. This also explains why putting your feet up feels so much better; elevation has helped give your taxed veins a break.

    What Your Treatment Options Are

    A vein specialist can help diagnose the severity of your issues and recommend the best course of minimally invasive treatment to ease your symptoms and halt the progression of your vein disease. There is no one size fits all solution, which is why we specialize in the following  minimally invasive treatments to provide the best options for you.


    Why You Should Deal with It Now

    bulging veins

    If you are seeing bulging veins after weight loss, it is very alarming. We want to reassure you that although vein disease is serious, it is easily treated. The earlier you get a treatment, the better. Left untreated, your venous issues will continue to worsen.

    You’ve done a lot of work improving your health through your weight loss and may want to take a well-deserved break. However, getting your vein issues in check can significantly improve your life for the better. Patients often assume that the discomfort they felt was because they were getting older, only for treatment to restore them to comfort and energy levels that they haven’t enjoyed in years. Getting treatment is not just good for your body; it’s better for you as a whole.

    Working with Your Weight Loss Center

    If you are enrolled in one of the popular weight loss programs, we can easily work with your doctors to share the medical records needed to give you comprehensive care and improve your health.

    We know that there can be many bumps along your weight loss journey, and veins popping out after weight loss may be one of them, but together, we can work on getting you the body that makes you happy and healthy.

    Taking the Next Steps to Support the New You

    Reach out to our vein specialist and get an appointment to discuss what minimally invasive treatment options, if any, that you need. Find out your options and how we can support you to be as healthy as you can be. We offer both in-person and telehealth appointments and are excited to join you on your weight loss transformation to better health.


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