Smoking, Vascular Disease & Vein Treatment

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Recently researchers have discovered that smoking tobacco kills almost 6 million people every year throughout the world and almost 80% of the 1 billion smokers all over the world suffer immensely by getting affected by several diseases.

No wonder there has been a growing awareness in each and every country regarding the “No Smoking” rules and the “Smoking Kills” advertisements. But despite such attempts from the government and NGOs, smoking tobacco is highly addictive and is catching very fast among the people of the society.

Reportedly, the United States has witnessed an alarming rise of untimely deaths due to cigarette and tobacco smoking. In fact, it has been estimated, that nearly one in five deaths, or an approximate 480,000 deaths per year, are related to tobacco use.

48,0000 Deaths Per Year Due to Tobacco Use in the US

Due to smoking, the health complications of smokers become more severe and often leads to crucial vascular diseases.

There are more than 4,000 varied chemicals in tobacco smoke which includes 43 cancer-causing elements and 400 other toxic chemicals and compounds.

The essential composite of tobacco smoke and cigarettes is nicotine. Along with that, there is also a significant combination of tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. The presence of nicotine in the tobacco plant is fundamentally accountable for the dependency and craving for tobacco products, which includes cigarettes, hookahs, pipes, and kreteks.

The chemicals which are present in these tobacco products are known for its carcinogenic features, i.e. these chemicals are responsible for causing cancer in human health. Smokers who are highly addicted tend to have a greater risk of reinforcing acute health disorders. The health problems include, different forms of cancer, fatty buildup in arteries and lung diseases and venous disease.

There are more than 4,000 varied chemicals in tobacco smoke which includes 43 cancer causing elements.

When the vascular diseases get resistant and complicated enough, then smokers have issues with clogged arteries in the legs, causing insufficient blood flow to get to the leg muscles. This aggravation causes pain for smokers and the situation worsens when it is not treated properly at the correct time or left untreated.

Smoking not only affects active smokers but also passive smokers, also known as the secondhand smoke (another term can be environmental tobacco smoke).

The BBC reported in 2010 that over 600,000 deaths each year are the result of passive smoke. These deaths are due to cardiovascular-related illness and blood vessel diseases which have occurred because of other people’s smoke each year.

Been thinking that smoking has had effects on the circulation in your body? USA Vein Clinics are experts in vein treatment.

Giving up on smoking is indeed a very difficult struggle but worth an effort. According to the Society of Interventional Radiology, just quitting smoking can prevent and/ or alleviate symptoms of the ailment. The danger of premature death and the risk of developing cancer from smoking also gets lessened when one decides to cut out smoking.

Once after abandoning smoking, the health improvements can be starkly noticed within a year, which includes increased rate of life expectancy, better fitness, and evolvement of senses of taste and smell. Vascular diseases also start reducing with the renouncing of smoking tobacco. Often several doctors advise in participating in various health programs, such as exercise, yoga sessions, and workouts. As a result, these programs can create a huge difference in vascular diseases.

USA Vein Clinics is regarded as one of the renowned vein treatment clinics from Coast to Coast.  Our doctors are trained medical professionals that are ready to help you with some of the effects of vascular and venous disease.

The presence of a wide range of treatment methods and also the potentiality of the dedicated team at USA Vein Clinics can create a personal vain treatment plan.  The first thing that is conducted while making a diagnosis is to map out the network of veins of the patient using diagnostic ultrasound.

If any patient feels he/she has the signs and symptoms of venous disease or venous insufficiency due to smoking, then they can simply give the USA Veins Clinic a call and schedule a consultation beforehand.  If you feel you are suffering from varicose veins, skin discoloration in the legs, pain or tired legs, then vein treatment should not be delayed and should be acted upon instantly. The standard treatment methods and clinical system of USA Vein Clinics is very meticulous and effective and hence ensures the best of medical care and healing.

Smoking tobacco kills almost 6 million people each year.

The immediate approachability of USA Vein Clinics throughout the U.S. and the affordable price of vein treatment and procedures make the USA Vein Clinics a rather convenient and helpful option for their patients.

Give up on smoking and enjoy the benefits of quitting. Maintain a better lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle and surely the heart diseases and blood vessel damages will recuperate.

Stop Smoking & Get Healthy. USA Vein Clinics are experts in vein treatment. Call us today!

This is not the end; smoking also damages the blood vessels and this makes smokers at risk for all vascular diseases.
This includes peripheral arterial disease (regular circulatory problem with narrowed arteries reducing blood flow), stroke, heart attack, coronary heart disease and abdominal aortic aneurysm (enlargement of the lower part of the aorta).

The health predicaments become even more insecure when the vascular diseases are corroborated with other ailing factors and that leads to high blood pressure, breathing problems, chest pain, lower endurance of exercise and workouts and blood clotting.

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