What is Telemedicine?

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What is Telemedicine and How Does it Work?

Are you thinking about scheduling a telemedicine visit and want to know how it works? Telemedicine is defined as healthcare conducted remotely, through the use of phone or Internet. It enables you to have to have virtual appointments with vein experts, without the need to travel to a medical office.

How does telemedicine work? Telemedicine visits allow you to meet with a vein specialist in real-time, on your own schedule. Sometimes called an online doctor visit, these types of appointments let our specialists monitor your vein condition through a simple phone call or online video chat.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine helps make quality vein care more cost-effective and accessible. It’s now easier than ever before for you to receive expert vein care from the comfort of your home — which is essential during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our online visits are also a great solution if you need vein care but are too far from one of our clinics. You no longer have to waste time in traffic for a quick consultation.

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Telemedicine means flexibility. Don’t worry about taking time off work or finding childcare to make it to an appointment, use our online visits to meet with a vein doctor on your own time, so you can get one step closer to healthy legs.

Online doctor visits are a new and easy way to meet with your doctor, with the same compassionate quality care you would receive at an in-office visit. Additional benefits of telemedicine include:

  • Telemedicine is great during the current COVID-19 situation
  • Makes it more efficient if you are too far from clinic but want to consult with a specialist
  • Virtual visits ensure precious time is spent with family and not in traffic.
  • Flexible enough to make time for virtual visit. No more missing work!
  • Convenience of these visits allow you to see a specialist from home, meaning you can meet with a doctor without needing childcare.

How is Telemedicine Conducted?

A telemedicine appointment is relatively simple. It typically involves a virtual meeting between you and one of our vein specialists at a time you specify is convenient. Our visits are mainly conducted over the phone; video chat is only required when you have concerns about visual symptoms. When one of our specialists reaches out to you, they will determine what you need to do during your visit.

Telemedicine requirements are simple, with various platforms and applications designed for this purpose. Most of the latest computers and smart phones have webcams that work well for medical e-visits. During your visit, you will be asked to provide your medical history as well as information about your vein condition/symptoms to the vein specialist for further discussion.

Uses of Telemedicine

There are a variety of uses for telemedicine, it’s very common for dermatologists to use this method to consult with their patients. At USA Vein Clinics, due to the nature of our treatments, we offer the following visits through our Telemedicine service:

Initial diagnosis — You can consult with a vein doctor for the first time for all your vein disease concerns, to receive a diagnosis, or a treatment recommendation. An e-visit also can help determine what type of care you may need.

Monitoring vein disease — If you have been diagnosed with vein disease, our telemedicine visits are a great way for you to meet with a vein expert to monitor your symptoms and determine any signs of progression or improvement.

Follow-up visits— Our telemedicine service is a useful resource if you’ve already received treatment from us and want to follow-up from your procedure. After your procedure appointment, give us a call to confirm that you want to do your follow-up visit from home. We will set everything up for you and reach out to at a time most convenient to you.

Accessible Care From Vein Experts

As technology and healthcare continue to advance, telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular. The cost-savings and convenience help make quality care from professionals accessible to anyone suffering from vein disease. We know that vein disease often causes painful symptoms. We don’t want anyone to sit at home in pain because they believe they can’t get treatment.

Think of your telemedicine visit just as a normal doctor visit where you go to the clinic. The difference is that you will meet with the doctor over the phone or through video chat to discuss your condition.

If you have any questions about our telemedicine service, or if you want to verify your insurance coverage before you schedule an appointment, feel free to call us at 888.768.3467.

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