Varicose Veins And Holiday Travel Plans?

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The Holiday season is here and we all are excited to celebrate this season with the ones dearest to us, even if it involves air travel or driving for several hours. It can be all worth it, but before traveling for the season make sure your veins are in good health and there are no signs of venous insufficiency. Some of the symptoms of venous insufficiency involve painful varicose or spider veins, along with  itching, burning, cramps, heaviness in the legs, swelling of the feet. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, it is time to  schedule your first initial consultation with us so we can get you ready for the holiday season.
In addition to treatment there are five useful travel tips that you should keep in mind before you board in to that plane or get buckled up  for the long drive.
Five Travel Tips from USA Vein Clinics
1.Walk When You Can
Air travel can be exciting and tiring at the same time. Sitting cramped in a seat for long hours can be hard for anyone but for someone with vein problems it’s even harder. To avoid experiencing venous insufficiency symptoms again try walking the cabin aisle whenever possible.
2. Lift Your Heels
When the flight doesn’t allow you to get out of your seat, lift up your heels like you’re getting on your tippy toes in order to engage your calf muscles. This allows the blood to pump from the heart which is key for vein health.
3. Wear Comfortable Clothes
Don’t be in those tight pants or dress while you travel. Wear something loose fitted. Tight clothes cause increased pressure on the abdomen which hinders the venous system’s goal of moving blood up from the legs to the heart.
4. Wear Compression Stockings
A simple and comfortable way to help relieve venous insufficiency symptoms during travel is to wear compression stockings
5. Stay Hydrated
Water is nature’s answer to so many health problems. Staying hydrated keeps vein walls from narrowing and can prevent constipation, which also stresses the venous system.
To enjoy an amazing holiday it is a great idea to call (888)-628-9389 to schedule your initial consultation before you travel.

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