5 Exercises You Need to Try If You Have Vein Disease

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Many of us remember learning about the circulatory system in high school biology and being told that it’s essential to our health. But do you actually remember why the circulatory system is important for promoting a healthy body?

The circulatory system is responsible for carrying oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to your cells, and removing waste products. Your arteries carry blood away from your heart and your veins carry blood back to your heart. When the circulatory system works correctly, your arteries and veins flow in one direction delivering blood throughout your body.

But when your circulation isn’t working efficiently, you are at risk of developing a variety of symptoms including tired or heavy legs, swollen calves or ankles, restlessness at night, difficulty standing for long periods, cold toes and fingers, or low energy.

So, how can you improve circulation if you have a vein disease condition such as varicose veins? Well, you can improve your circulation with the help of low-impact exercises. These exercises will not only pump your heart but also put more pep in your step without exerting a lot of pressure on your veins.


Swimming offers a lot of mental and physical benefits. However, its biggest benefit is that it helps improve your body’s circulation. When you swim, your heart will pump more and more blood with each beat.

Your legs get a great cardio workout without putting any stress on your legs while swimming. Additionally, buoyancy helps relieve pressure, which is why swimming is often used in the physical therapy process. Besides improving circulation, swimming has other benefits such as it lowers the risk of an injury, reduces stress, improves flexibility, and tones both the lower and upper body.

Hiking and walking

Walking doesn’t just improve circulation, but it also helps your heart as well in its ability to circulate blood through your body. Your venous health depends on a healthy heart and vice versa. Walking is one of the best exercises for strengthen your heart which can decrease your risk of heart disease as well. It’s crucial to drink enough water while you’re walking or hiking, so that your body is able to metabolize fats, lubricate joints, and regulate body temperature.

Hiking or walking can lead to more pumping in your calf’s muscles. That’s when more blood will start pumping to your heart. There’s a big myth associated with the fact that walking or running can cause varicose veins.

Not only does walking improve circulation, but it also decreases stress, improves high blood pressure and cholesterol, strengthens lung muscles gently, improves balance, and leads to stronger bones.

Rowing Machine

Rowing is one of the most impactful upper body and core exercises you can do without putting too much strain on your legs. You can adjust the difficulty easily and work up to an amount of time and resistance level that feels comfortable for you. Rowing is a great cardio that can get you sweating in no time.

Ballroom or Square Dancing

These aren’t the only two dancing styles that are not only easy on the lower body, but also extremely fun to learn. Any style of dance is great for legs and core, but also doesn’t put too much pressure on your legs. So, put on your favorite song and grab a partner.


Venous insufficiency that’s caused by dysfunctional or damaged veins can happen in your deeper leg veins. The veins affected with this vein condition cannot return blood properly back to your heart, and that eventually results in blood pooling. If you have venous insufficiency, cycling regularly can significantly help improve blood flow—this exercise is a significant part of your treatment. Cycling can strengthen calf muscles and promote healthy blood flow by allowing the muscles to pump blood back and forth successfully.

These exercises, when done regularly, can help improve your body’s blood circulation. But cycling, swimming, or walking can’t treat the main reason for your vein condition. For treating the vein condition in every aspect, you must treat underling vein issues such as a damaged vein in the deeper leg veins.

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