Understanding Vein Disease and Treatment Options

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USA Vein Clinics on Great Day KC

Do you feel like your summer fun is overshadowed by leg aches, swelling, or unsightly veins? Millions of Americans suffer from vein disease, often dismissed as aging. Dr. Yan Katsnelson, CEO of USA Vein Clinics, joins Toni Talley of Great Day KC to discuss reclaiming your summer with minimally invasive vein treatments.

Dr. Katsnelson explains how poor circulation disrupts blood flow, leading to varicose and spider veins – a common problem that worsens in hot weather. Dr. Katsnelson dives into advanced, minimally invasive procedures offered at USA Vein Clinics that restore vein health and improve circulation. He highlighted the state-of-the-art technology used in USA Vein Clinics’ non-surgical procedures. These treatments are typically covered by insurance and offer a fast recovery time, getting you back to enjoying your summer faster.

Watch the entire broadcast here.

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