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Asking doctor vein disease questions

14 Questions to Ask Your Vein Doctor Before Treatment

If you suffer from the effects of varicose veins, you may be considering vein treatment. […]

Varicose Veins and Golfing

Varicose Veins and Golf: Is Pain affecting your Game?

Do you feel that leg pain—especially from varicose veins— is forcing you to use the […]

poor circulation in feet

Can Vein Disease Cause Poor Circulation in Feet?

Have you ever experienced numbness, weakness, or cramping in your feet or legs? These uncomfortable […]

Why do my legs feel heavy and tired

Why Do My Legs Feel Tired and Heavy?

Why Do My Legs Feel Tired and Heavy? Many people have a feeling of heaviness […]

Why my veins are green?

Why Are My Veins Green?

TOPICS COVERED IN THIS BLOG: Why are My Veins Green? How to Get Rid of […]

is vein ablation painful

Is Vein Ablation Painful? A Closer Look at This Treatment for Varicose Veins

If you have varicose veins, you may be wondering “what is vein ablation?” and “is […]

how to increase blood flow

How to Increase Blood Flow

Blood flow circulation impacts all bodily functions and systems and is critical to overall health. […]

varicose veins men's health

Varicose Veins and Men’s Health Awareness

June is Men’s Health Month (MHM), and it became a national observance after President Bill […]

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