USA Vein Clinics Opens Its Doors In St. Nicholas, NY!

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USA Vein Clinics is expanding its services in the year 2017 and opens a new clinic at St Nicholas, New York. The statewide network of vein clinics has already been successfully operating in New York at 17 other locations. This new location is to facilitate patients of this area by offering them patient care and vein treatment at the most convenient location. The vein clinics facility is located at 1264 St Nicolas Ave in Washington Heights,  NY 10035 and will operate Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The state of the art clinic is highly equipped and will provide the latest, minimally invasive and non-surgical treatment to patients of vein disease. USA Vein Clinics has become one the nation’s leading vein clinics under the leadership of Dr Yan Katsnelson, the founder of USA Vein Clinics, a renowned Harvard Medical School trained vascular specialist and his highly trained staff that includes board-certified physicians and specialists.
“We are excited to continue our mission to improve the quality of life of our patients in St Nicholas, NY.” says Dr. Katsnelson. “Our new clinic is equipped with the most modern technology and will provide excellent patient care and convenience to our patients based in St Nicholas”
Symptoms of vein disease such as ;leg aches or cramps, heaviness in the legs, itching or burning in the legs, skin discoloration or non-healing wounds are progressive in nature and if left untreated can lead to serious complications. The best strategy is to schedule consultation with a vascular specialist as earliest as possible. All vein treatment offered at USA Vein Clinics are quick, minimally invasive, non-surgical and covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. Patients can resume normal activity immediately after the treatment.
“We use the gold standard in vein care and have helped thousands of patients suffering from vein disease,” says Dr. Katsnelson. “As a healthcare provider our goal is not just to treat patients but we consider it is our responsibility to raise awareness about the importance of getting treatment as soon as the symptoms of vein disease appear. Some patients come to us for cosmetic reasons-they simply want the unsightly varicose veins of their legs to be treated. Other patients have been living in pain for years. We always like to emphasize the fact that any symptom of venous insufficiency is not just a cosmetic problem. The prominent varicose and spider veins on the surface of the skin are indicating an underlying issue that needs treatment as soon as possible before it leads to serious complications.”
To schedule a consultation, call USA Vein Clinics at 888-628-9389.

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