CEO Dr. Yan Katsnelson on Future of Medicine

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Dr. Yan Katsnelson Intereview in Leaders Magazine

Dr. Yan Katsnelson

What was your vision for creating USA Clinics, and how do you define its mission?

We created USA Clinics to be the go-to outpatient center for innovative treatments of common diseases. We have more than 160 locations in 30 states, with 65 percent of the U.S. population within driving distance of one of our clinics. We can treat multiple conditions and believe that we are at the forefront of shaping the future of healthcare.

How Critical has it been to maintain the highest levels of service and quality treatment as USA Clinics has grown its size and locations?

One of our goals and priorities is to ensure that any doctor in our organization, whether in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, or any other location, provides the same level of care and seamless service that USA Clinics is known for. To ensure this consistency, we rely on data – every symptom, every finding, every measurement – and we use this information to make sure that care treatment options are carefully suggested based on the data. Twelve years ago, we created a software company, PracticeCompass, to develop a comprehensive aene-to-end healthcare operating system to enable this work.

Do you feel that there is an effective awareness and understanding of the services that USA Clinics provides?

USA Fibroid Centers and USA Vascular Centers of Boston LLC in Massachusetts receives AAACH AccreditationAt USA Clinics, we believe that patients are in charge of their health, and they need to be educated about their condition and the best course of treatment. We focus on a cure rather than on care – we are looking to cure the problem so that people can enjoy a higher quality of life. We know that education is key, and we are committed to continued education about vein disease.

Where do you see growth opportunities for USA Clinics?

We have 38 locations in New York City alone and have a presence in almost 30 states. We study the market to understand its needs in order to evaluate opportunities and are looking first at highly populated areas before we expand into secondary markets.

We are able to grow because of the talent and expertise of our team, from our doctors to our personnel at all levels of the organization.




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