What You Need to Know About May-Thurner Syndrome

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Your veins have a very important job: They transport blood throughout your body and back to your heart. However, if there is something compressing the vein, you can develop strenuous complications from limited blood flow.
May-Thurner syndrome (MTS), also known as iliac vein compression syndrome, is a vascular condition that can cause discomfort, swelling, and blood clot formation in your left leg or foot due to the right iliac artery compressing the left iliac vein (which brings blood from your pelvis and legs back to your heart) against the lumbar spine. This compression keeps blood from flowing properly and can lead to serious difficulties.
Some people may have no symptoms at all. If you are having pain or swelling in your left leg or foot, skin pigmentation changes, intermittent skin ulcers, or varicose veins affecting only your left leg, or if you think you may have Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), you should visit USA Vein Clinics for a consultation.
Early detection of MTS is vital to preventing further vascular problems. If you think you might have MTS, call USA Vein Clinics at (888) 628-9389 to schedule an appointment. All treatments at USA Vein Clinics are covered by Medicare, most insurance plans, and Medicaid.

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