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Our values

At USA Vein Clinics, we are committed to the I CARE” values that focus on Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence.

I- Integrity

We commit to do the right thing.

  • We treat each other and our patients with integrity and respect.
  • We assure compliance with laws, rules and regulations.

C- Compassion

We commit to treat our patients as we would want to be treated.

  • We treat our patients in a compassionate manner. Our compassion for each other thrives and grows as we serve to transform the lives of our patients.
  • We deliver compassion through “intelligent kindness” that is central to how we treat our patients and

A- Accountability

We commit to accept responsibility for the work that we do.

  • We demonstrate pride in everything we do.
  • We help each other to maintain and improve our performance for our patients.
  • We are able to work individually and collaborate together as a team to drive successful outcomes.

R- Respect

We commit to value each person’s uniqueness.

  • We treat each other and our patients with respect, courtesy, and concern.
  • We handle our patients with care and compassion.
  • The way we treat each other in achieving our objectives is just as important as what we achieve.

E- Excellence

We commit to exceed our patients’ expectations by transforming their lives for the better.

  • We actively work to understand our patients’ needs and deliver service that exceeds their expectations.
  • We respond to our patients’ needs in a timely manner.
  • We always help one another to deliver the quality care for our patients.

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