Ultimate Guide to Reduce Spider Veins

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Pregnant woman holding her large, unclothed belly: guide to reduce spider veins.

All About Spider Veins

Spider veins are miniscule swollen and bulging blood vessels which can be clearly noticed through the skin of the human body. They surface on the skin like a netting of thin and entangled purple or red, irregular lines and are usually visible on the inside of the legs, ankles, face, and thighs.

When the valves in these superficial veins become feeble and fragile, they are no longer able to push the blood towards the heart and the blood flows backward and gathers in the veins. This creates in the swelling and when the blood starts to stagnate in them, then they turn blue, purple and red in color.

This uncomfortable situation often occurs during the old age period and is generally seen occurring more in women than in men.  Need More FAQs?


blood circulation
It is basically brought out by inappropriate or sluggish blood circulation, standing for long a period of time and putting pressure on the legs, heredity and hormonal changes.

Spider veins not only take down the appearance of the body but are also very hurtful and irritating. They can make the legs and ankles swell and feel discomforting, hot and painfully heavy.

The transmission of blood and oxygen to the tissues is impeded and the eradication of waste is put off and deferred, hence this can account for the skin to become thin, get the effect of blemishes and exposed to the occurrence of chronic ulcers.

In order to get yourself a better-looking body and also freedom from the untimely discomfort and pain, try the following remedies and tips to reduce spider veins. The homely antidotes are very helpful for curing the irritability and inconvenience caused by the spider veins.

Spider veins not only take down the appearance of the body but can be painful and irritating.

Foods to Reduce Spider Veins


  • Doctors have advised that the consumption of fresh oranges are advantageous for those who are suffering the pains of spider and varicose veins. The vitamin C which is available in oranges is very significant for the healing of spider veins.  Vitamin C is also needed for enhancing the blood vessels and bettering the circulation of blood. It is also regarded as a fascinating antioxidant which safeguards the tissues of the body from any kind of damage. It is highly recommended to eat oranges every day on a regular basis.
  • Usually common for skin benefits, castor oil is highly regarded for its healthy and therapeutic benefits, especially if you are a patient of spider veins. Castor oil has anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties which are quite helpful. It energizes the blood circulation and gradually raises the flow of blood to the blood tissues which was not able to get the blood. It also stops the blood from clotting in the veins and decreases their swelling. Several doctors have advised the patients to massage the afflicted portions with warmed up castor oil twice a day. It is even better if the regions are covered up with warm thermals. The swelling will die down and the pain and itching will slowly diminish. You will surely feel relaxed when the pressure gets off from the blood vessels.

Feeling Irritated Because of Spider Veins? Learn more about reducing spider veins.

mustard oil to reduce spider veins

  • Another fruit which is regarded as an advantageous fruit is guava. Consuming guavas every single day can boost up the spider veins efficiently. Guava has a rich amount of vitamin C which is vital for the growth of the blood vessels and it has an abundant amount of vitamin K which increases the blood flow to the tissues and averts the discoloration of the skin. It also consists of lycopene which is a healthy antioxidant that protects valuable cells and tissues from toxic damage. So eating guavas as much as you can to strengthen the capillaries and veins and to improve the blood flow. If the circulation of the blood rises, then it will not be suppressed in the blood vessels and cause additional damage and problem.
  • Several therapists have stated that apple cider vinegar is the most prevalent and frequently used home treatment for spider veins. It enhances the physical visibility of the veins by lessening the swelling and magnifying the blood circulation to the affected portions. Soak a soft cloth in apple cider vinegar and put it on as a compress on the spider veins. Maintain the compress for half an hour. Repeat this twice a day until the veins regain their usual outlook.
  • Mustard oil is noted as a very good item in augmenting the blood circulation and in boosting up the valves of the body. Massage twice a day over all the affected regions. You will notice a stark difference in the spider veins in no time.


Soak a soft cloth in apple cider vinegar and put it on as a compress to help reduce spider veins.

Other Home Treatments

body weight and vein disease

  • Wearing the correct pair of shoes: Sometimes shoes can make a strong difference overall. Shoes that have low heels should be considered. Wearing low-heeled shoes usually aids in toning the calf muscles, generating a better and smoother blood circulation in your legs. There has been some launch of new shoes, being marketed for women who want to develop the outlook of their legs while walking; these latest shoes are also useful for anyone who want to eradicate the troublesome varicose veins normally.
  • Clothes which lets you breathe: While deciding on clothes, you must keep in mind that not to wear tight and close-fitted clothes which are compact near the thighs and groin areas. Such tight-fitting clothes usually prevent blood flow and can grow the risk of originating varicose and spider veins.
  • Managing a perfect body weight: Excess weight is yet another risky problem that may possibly shift the number of individuals who might cultivate chronic varicose veins or spider veins. By keeping body weight down to maintainable balance and keeping a healthy diet and daily exercise schedule, you will be able to manage the pressure on your veins to a very low level. Control a balanced weight for a lesser risk of spider veins.

At USA Vein Clinics, we know that surgery or treatment is not for everyone.  Staying informed of treatments and remedies is key to staying healthy.  While home remedies are nice, they do not always work for each person.  If this is the case, give us a call.

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