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May-Thurner Syndrome (MTS)

May-Thurner Syndrome (MTS), also known as Iliac Vein Compression Syndrome, is an asymmetrical swelling of the legs – the left leg swells but the right leg does not. MTS is a rare condition, but one that the vascular surgeons at USA Vein Clinics are experienced in treating. They treat the underlying condition causing the syndrome, thereby relieving the leg swelling and pain.

What You Need to Know About May-Thurner Syndrome

Your veins have a very important job: They transport blood throughout your body and back to your heart. However, if there is something compressing the vein, you can develop strenuous complications from limited blood flow.

May-Thurner syndrome (MTS), also known as iliac vein compression syndrome, is a vascular condition that can cause discomfort, swelling, and blood […]