Varicose veins affect up to 20% of men and 40% of women at some point in their life times and the condition becomes more prevalent with age. Although varicose veins cannot be 100% prevented, they can be successfully treated. There is a common misconception that varicose veins are just a cosmetic problem and can heal on their own. As a matter of fact once a varicose vein is developed it never goes away on its own and this condition can progress in to serious complications if left untreated. The only solution to this condition is appropriate and timely treatment.

At USA Vein Clinics we help patients with vein diseases everyday. Some of our patients are going through some of the symptoms like heaviness in the legs, leg pain and cramps, tiredness and fatigue, others come with non-healing ulcers and wounds of the legs and skin discoloration. Regardless of the severity of the symptoms, varicose veins are always a painful condition and affect the lives of people suffering from these symptoms. At USA Vein Clinics we use the gold standard in vein treatment called Endovenous Laser Therapy. Our highly trained and board certified vascular specialists use a customized treatment approach for patients suffering from varicose veins taking their medical history, health condition, age and weight in to consideration and offering them a treatment plan that fits their needs. Depending on the number of diseased veins more than one Endovenous Laser Therapy procedure maybe required. This laser treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure and the patient can resume normal activities immediately after the treatment. To prevent discomfort during the procedure we use a local anesthesia similar to the one used in a dental office. The success rate of Endovenous Laser Therapy is 98% and it is one of the most innovative, FDA approved minimally invasive, non-surgical, no scarring treatment for the permanent elimination of superficial venous insufficiency, which is a typical cause of large varicose veins. All treatments at USA Vein Clinics are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.

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