Varicose Veins? Let’s Get You Back In Those Stilettos!

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Varicose veins are caused by dysfunctional valves and affect blood circulation. Women suffering from varicose veins may not be able to enjoy wearing high heel stilettos even on special occasions.
Most women love high heels as they make them feel taller and more beautiful. But unfortunately, women suffering from varicose veins are more concerned about the unsightly appearance of their legs due to swollen and twisted veins and avoid wearing anything that brings attention to their legs. Besides leg pain and cramps, varicose veins also cause leg swelling, heaviness and restless legs syndrome causing tired legs all day and night.
The problem with high heels and varicose veins is “venous flow”. The venous system works with a combination of valves, pipes and pumps. High heels shift the weight of the fore foot and toes and cause the calf muscles to remain contracted. This results in decrease in the filling of the foot and calf veins and a less forceful calf muscle pump. This lost efficiency causes pooling of venous blood in the leg.
At USA Vein Clinics we offer minimally invasive and non-surgical treatments for varicose veins –Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) during which the diseased vein is sealed using laser energy, and healthy veins take over the blood flow immediately. This treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure and the patient can resume normal activities right after the treatment. There is no scarring or recovery time required for this treatment and the procedure takes 15-20 minutes. The good news is you can enjoy wearing your high heels again after an EVLT treatment at USA Vein Clinics.
However, we would like to share few high heel smart tips so you can still enjoy them in a healthier way:

  1. Don’t wear high heels until your painful varicose veins are treated at USA Vein Clinics.
  2. Limit the height of your heels.
  3. Make sure to wear a compression hose with high heels.
  4. Use heel pads to activate your foot and calf pump.

Monday might be a good day to call (888) 628 9389 to schedule a consultation with our vein specialists so you can soon enjoy wearing your high heels on special occasions. Treatments at USA Vein Clinics are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.
We look forward to seeing you at our USA Vein Clinics!
Have a great week!

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