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Here is one patient telling us her ‘colorful’ story about how happy she became after treatment!

Here is one patient telling us her ‘colorful’ story about how happy she became after treatment!

Testimonial of Oleg Vasiliev, a retired figure skater who was the 1984 Olympic champion and three time world champion in 1983, ‘85, and ‘88.

This patient tells a personal story about her USA Vein Clinics experience. The patients mother advised her daughter to just live with her vein problems due to a painful procedure her mother had in Poland. Later a friend tells her about a vein removal procedure at USA Vein Clinics. Once she went through it she couldn’t believe the results!

A retired teacher tells us how she didn’t have time to seek treatment with work and her kids, so she simply lived with the pain. After visiting USA Vein Clinics and completing treatment she says her legs look and feel better.
Here is another happy patient who has routine checkups now, but she used to have big Varicose veins. She felt heaviness and back pain for a time but now it’s just in the past!
This patient saw improvement immediately, and unlike a lot of patients who wait it out, she came in shortly after learning about USA Vein Clinics.
Enthusiastic testimonial in Russian. She waited a bit, as many patients do, and then learned that over time her symptoms became worse. She did not have the common visible symptoms, but learned her vein problems were underneath (deep veins), which is even more serious. And the result is? She says she can walk with her new life – do not be afraid of treatment and visit USA Vein Clinics!

Success Stories


I want to thank you for your treatments of my varicose veins. I first came to you last year in June and we finished treatment in February of this year. I am so pleased after healing for the past few months. I was on vacation in a hot climate this past April on a beach and normally veins protrude even more in hot weather. I was a pleasure to see my legs looking good.

Thanks for your good care and professionalism.

Lorraine G.
Before: I had a lot of pain and swelling in my right leg. It felt really uncomfortable walking around.

Now: My legs appear a lot better and the pain has gone away. Very happy with the results afterward: Dr. Yan and his assistants were very good on helping me get back on track and I thank them all for it.

Don D.
Before: Tingling at the ankles and there was heaviness at the bottom of my foot.

Now: Feels great. I am almost ready to try running!

Hilary W.
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Varicose veins and leg pain are not just cosmetic problem, but can be a serious medical condition, that can lead to life-threatening complications, so don’t wait!

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